The Unconventional Author, or The Pale Writer in the Long Black Coat

“When I am dead,I hope it may be said: ‘His sins were scarlet,but his books were read.’ ” – Hilaire Belloc

This weekend, Sept 23rd through Sept 25th, I will be at FenCon/DeepSouthCon, a science fiction, fantasy, literary and filk convention in Dallas, Texas. I will be selling and signing copies of Lawyers in Hell, the shared world anthology edited by Janet Morris and Chris Morris that has my short story, “Remember, Remember, Hell in November” included within. I’ll be at the promotions tables Friday 2-4 PM and Sunday 2-4 PM with fellow author John Manning whose story, “Disclaimer” is also in Lawyers in Hell. I’ll be at the convention most of the weekend promoting the book. I’ll also be promoting the Irredeemable Order of Hellions, the official fan club for Perseid Publishing which publishes the Heroes in Hell series,  The Sacred Band series, and many more great series soon to be announced in the future. Those of you who read my post last week know I’ve been thinking about what my look, or brand, should be to promote myself as an author. Since the weather cooled off, I’m thinking of wearing the trenchcoat this weekend. Look for the short pale man in the long black coat. It will probably be me. I hope to see you there!

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