ConDFW Schedule This Weekend

I will be a guest author at ConDFW in Fort Worth, Texas this weekend of February 16th-18th, 2018. This is my seventh year as a guest panelist, and it is also notable for being the first literary fan convention that I attended as a patron back in February 2011 before my first short story was published later that Summer. I have a lot of fond memories of past years attending this convention. This is a much smaller, more relaxed event than say ComicCon, or DragonCon. It’s always great to talk to my fellow author friends who I see only once a year, and meet new ones. I enjoy doing discussion panels, hearing others views on all kinds of topics. The readings and book signings are fun too. I’m fortunate that my wife Alison is also an author as well as being an artist , and enjoys attending the convention with me. We have had some good times there in years past. Below is my schedule for the convention. I hope to see you there.
Friday, 6pm: Echoes From Other Worlds: Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry
Panelists: Patricia Ferguson (M), Michelle Hartman, Stephen Sanders, Michelle Muenzler, Larry Atchley, Jr.
Poetry is an artform of the mind and can be channeled into any and every genre. Some of the greatest poems ever written are tales
of adventure and daring-do. Does anyone remember The Highwayman, by Alfred Noyes? Or The Homecoming of Solomon Kane, by
Robert E, Howard. Come hear from poets who write regularly about living on Mars, Steampunk adventures, pirate raids, alternate
history, and ensorcelled swords. They’ll talk about the various markets where they’ve found success and challenge you to write your
own fanciful poem in one of these genres.
Saturday, 1pm: Ekphrastic Poetry: What is it and will it hurt?
Panelists: Susan Maxwell Campbell (M), Stephen Sanders, S. Boyd Taylor, Michelle Muenzler, Larry Atchley Jr.
Ekphrastic (from the Greek for “speak out”) poetry is poetry inspired or stimulated by a work of art, usually a painting or
sculpture. This form of poetry has been practiced since the time of Homer and still flourishes today – a well-known example is
Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, by William Carlos Williams. In the first half of the panel the panelists will discuss the genre and
answer questions about their own works. The convention will call upon several of the artists featured at this year’s convention to
create original art to inspire poems. These pieces will be shown during the panel and, during the second half of the panel, attendees
will be able to ask the artists questions about their works. Attendees will then write original ekphrastic poems, based on the
artwork, and these will be featured at our late night open mic!
Saturday, 2pm: Martha Wells, Larry Atchley Jr., Bradley H. Sinor
Saturday, 4pm: E. Gaston Huckabay, Larry Atchley Jr.
Saturday, 5pm: Robert E. Howard: A Retrospective
Panelists: Ethan Nahté (M), Larry Atchley Jr., Adrian Simmons, Stephen Sanders
Many will know of Robert E. Howard’s work through Conan the Barbarian or Solomon Kane. But he wrote in many other genres,
including Western and Poetry! Our Howard Scholars talk about his work in the Fantasy genre as well as others.
Saturday, 7pm: Celebrity Artemis – Session 1
Panelists: Stephen Sanders (M), Melanie Fletcher, David Doub, Larry Atchley Jr., Seth Skorkowsky, William Ledbetter
The popular co-operative bridge simulator returns again to ConDFW! Six panelists at a time take the Starship Artemis through the
void, insulting every alien species possible. Let’s see what happens!
Sunday, 12pm: The Third Annual ConDFW Adventure Poetry Slam
Judges: Stephen Sanders (M), Michelle Muenzler, Larry Atchley, Jr.
No Entry Fee. First Prize: $50, Second Prize: Convention T-shirt, Third Prize: Blackbead Books Merchandise
All you must do is write an original adventure poem, any form, which you can recite in three minutes or less. Then, perform it in
front of our audience and judges. Our three judges will score each poem and the three highest scoring poets will win our
prizes! What more do you need to know?
Sunday, 2pm: The Elemental Steampunk: Gadgets and Gizmos
Panelists: Larry Atchley Jr. (M), Julie Barrett, Charlayne Elizabeth Denney, Gloria Oliver
Steampunk is famous for its airships and for its steam-powered gadgets. We’ve looked at airships in the past, so it’s time to look at
the gadgets. Our steampunk experts go over typical widgets used in steampunk so you can recognize them at a distance.
Sunday, 3pm: Fantasy Engineering: Building Mordor
Panelists: Tex Thompson (M), Larry Atchley Jr., Teresa Patterson, Gloria Oliver
Ever wonder how Mordor was made? Or Minas Tirith? Pick your epic fantasy of choice, and there will always be towns, castles,
buildings with grandeur. Building those places takes engineering: planning rooms where events take place, escape tunnels and even
secret hiding places for when the forces of darkness overwhelm you. But how detailed do you need to get? Our authors debate this and other topics.

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