Building & Promoting a Fan Community in Hell

I’ve been a big fan of the Heroes in Hell series of books, created by Janet Morris back in 1986, and featuring stories by some of the best authors in fiction, including her husband, Chris Morris. When I was given the opportunity to have a story of my own published in the latest book, Lawyers in Hell, I became more than a fan. I moved into the ranks of contributing authors to the series. Many years ago I thought about creating a fan club for Janet and Chris’s other series, The Sacred Band, which also had been revived with a new book in 2010. Now that I was a part of the Heroes in Hell series, I thought there should be a fan club for both series, to help promote the books, and bring fans and authors together to share their love of these great books and stories. There were no official fan communities for these two successful series. Until Now.

Janet Morris herself gave me the green light to go ahead and create a place for fans and authors to interact, discuss what they like, or even don’t like about the stories, characters, and everything to so with both series.
Thus was born the Irredeemable Order of  Hellions. A group that started as an idea several months ago when I had only been involved with the Lawyers in Hell book for a few weeks. Much support was voiced by everyone in the group, and there are some who rose prominently to the challenge of helping me make it a reality. Leo Champion, who is our appointed director of marketing for the HiH series, was able to dig through the technical web site issues, and upload a forum program that I had chosen for us to use on the web site.  Additional help was provided by veteran forum moderator Zee Zak, known on The Web as Zombie Zak, our resident  undead cookie monster and fellow Hellion. We now have a facebook group where Hellions can chat with each and post comments, and the web page forum at

It has been my pleasure to help bring this fan community into existence, and I know it will contribute to the experience of the fans and authors to have a place to discuss amongst themselves everything about the Heroes in Hell and The Sacred Band series they love.  It has been a labor of love, filled with trials, setbacks, but ultimately, victory. We Irredeemable  Hellions have a saying: Damnatorum Requiem Non, Rest Not the Damned.  With help from my fellow Hellions, we have built it for you, the fan community. Now go play and have a hell of a damned good time! And as The Sacred Band says: “Life to you, and everlasting glory!”

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