About Larry Atchley, Jr.

Larry Atchley, Jr grew up in Grapevine, Texas, and has been writing since he was a teenager. He currently writes mostly poetry, fantasy, science fiction, and horror stories. He published two poems in a high school senior class anthology, and mailed poems out to several small press magazines in the early nineties, but without success. He didn’t try to get his work publish again until almost twenty years later.

His first big break as a writer came in October 2010, when Janet Morris and Chris Morris invited him to join a group of writers working on their fiction shared world anthology, Lawyers in Hell, and asked him to submit a short story for the book. They accepted his story, “Remember, Remember, Hell in November” and it was published in June 2011. Having his first published story was a huge milestone, and it gave him the momentum to continue his writing career. Working closely with many of the other writers on the Lawyers in Hell project gave him the opportunity to have stories published in other anthologies such as Sha’Daa Pawns, Sha’Daa Facets, What Scares the Boogeyman, Terror By Gaslight, and Dark Corners. His stories also appear in these other Heroes in Hell series books: Rogues in Hell, Dreamers in Hell, and Poets in Hell. He has published two poems, one in the art and poetry collection Klarissa Dreams, and another in the horror and fantasy art and verse compilation,  A Book of Night. 

Larry is currently writing short stories for submission to several fiction anthologies, and working on a fantasy novel or two. He is a crew member of The Seadog Slam / The Steamdogs which performs pirate and Steampunk  themed shows reciting poetry and singing songs. Some of his other interests include photography, Qi-Gong Kung Fu martial arts, traditional archery, fencing, philosophy, mythology,  mountain biking, hiking, birding, reading, and collecting  books. He lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with his wife Alison, who is an artist and writer, and his step daughter Leila. He has a daughter Alina who is an artist and crafter of candles, soap and jewelry. 

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  1. Hi Larry. Now, I know I haven’t know you for too long, but we have met in the TMV Cafe and added each other on Facebook. You are a really interesting person and I think that–as writers–we should continue to get used to answering interview-like questions. This is why I want to nominate you for the Reality Blog meme: the information of which can be found on my Blog in this link: http://wp.me/p2qfuv-sz. It’s up to you of course if you want to do it, but I think it’s all good fun and attention-seeking. Anyway, see and hear you on TMV sometime. Take care.

    — Matthew

    • This reality blog meme sounds interesting. Thanks for nominating me. As soon as I catch up on soem other writing and blogging deadlines, I’ll take part in this. Thanks for dropping by my blog and hope to see you around the TMV cafe chatroom or elsewhere online.

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